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Canape party for MCV Complex Office’s grand opening

Huge-Fam was honored to be the organizer of the Canape party for the grand opening of the new MCV Complex office. 

Hồ Quỳnh Anh’s perfect birthday party

The lovely birthday parties usually take place at a restaurant or at home with careful preparation, beautiful decoration with fresh flowers and light balloons.

Lazada’s Buffet party on super sale day of December 12

Huge-Fam is honored to be the provider of the lunch buffet for Lazada employees on the biggest Super Sale day of 12/12.



Thank You Heroes: Helping-hand campaign towards Covid-19 pandemic Volunteers

140 daily meals and coffee cups were given to the volunteers who supported difficult people at the Covid-19 checkpoints and lockdown areas in Gò Vấp District.

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